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Major Events & Activities

The Eritrean American Civic Association of Greater Boston engages its members in various activities and celebrates Eritrean, American, and international holidays.

Eritrean National Holidays

  1. Eritrean Independence Day (May 24) - After 30 years of armed struggle, Eritrea gained its independence on May 24, 1991, and was formally recognized as a sovereign nation in 1993 after a United Nations supervised referendum. 99.8% of the voting-age population of Eritrea chose independence.

  2. Eritrean Martyr's Day (June 20) - Eritreans celebrate Martyr's Day in honor of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to realize Eritrea as a sovereign nation.

  3. BaHti Meskerem (September 1) - After exhausting all peaceful avenues, Eritreans began their armed struggle for self-determination on September 1, 1961.

Social Events & Activities

  1. Annual Picnic - Every summer, members of the Eritrean American Civic Association enjoy a relaxing cookout including various sporting activities and great food. Picnic at Georges Island. 

  2. Christmas Party with Santa - EACA organizes a holiday party where kids have a blast with great music, dance, food and an opportunity to take pictures with Santa. Click here for party pictures.

  3. New Year's Eve Celebration - EACA members usher in every new year with a bang, Eritrean style.

  4. Other Community Activities

    • Walk for Health

    • Gardening Projects

    • Women's Uqub

    • Wellness Program - Creating a health community through Yoga and other EACA organized activities

    • Annual Spring Cleaning 2023 - Members volunteer their time to regularly clean and maintain the premises of the Center. Members in Action.

    • March 24, 2024 was another busy day for EACA members who were involved in cleaning their Center. Click here for pictures.

American and International Holidays

  1. American Independence Day (July 4th)

  2. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday - Eritrean American youth celebrate MLK birthday every year and use the opportunity to share their reflections, hopes and dreams. MLK's Birthday Celebrations 2023.

  3. International Women's Day (March 8)

Meetings & Seminars

  1. EACA membership Meetings - Members conduct regular meetings to engage in discussion on topics relevant to their lives.

  2. Successful seminar and discussion of EACA members with ERISAT delegation on role of the media/Satellite Television.

  3. Seminars

  4. Classes & Education
    • ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Languages: EACA conducts various classes to help members improve their English proficiency skills. ESOL Class Pictures, ESOL Class Videos, ESOL One to One Assistance
    • Tutoring - University students & Professionals volunteer as tutors to help adults, high school and middle school students
    • Tigrigna classes are also held at EACA to connect Eritrean American youth with their culture and Eritrean languages
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